Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Big 4-0

Tomorrow's one of those days that just plain makes the old people (read: the generation above us) feel old- at 8:30 tomorrow night, Star Trek will have been around for four decades. I almost wonder what it must have been like, sitting on the couch in Fall 1966, watching TOS's "The Cage". It would be great to go back and watch it at the time, knowing that it would become such a huge franchise, and knowing that these characters would become such classic icons in science fiction. In a time when television entertainment, especially science fiction televison entertainment, was in such an infant state, Trek blazed the trails that many shows, not only scifi, followed for years to come. It started a form of entertainment that lasted forty years, and hopefully will go forty years more. It's certainly a time to embrace, as TOS symbolized the complete unity that "Bandwagon to the Stars" hoped to achieve. In short, I don't know where we'd be without Trek.

Remember Gene Roddenberry!

Oh, and anyone that's interested- I currently have "The Trouble with Tribbles" with me, and I am totally watching it tomorrow. Oh, and I am so doing all 79 episodes for the 50th in 2016.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Time to Rock

Ok, so honestly I only wanted to post to get that hideous photo off the top of my page, as it reminds me that I still must suffer the consequences of my actions (I plan on informing the rents/ making payment at some point tomorrow). The best I can hope for is that the blotch does not prove itself to be a massive issue and that the calc is in good enough working order to last me a long, long time. Well, it's in my prayers.
Okay, it's September, I guess I should do your typical teenage back-to-school blog post. I've come to realize that any way you slice it, school ends up making me unhappy in the long run. I mean, let's face it, school is great most importantly because of how it brings so many awesome people together in one place. Throughout the 9 months of my school year, I'm sure that I'll begin many new relationships and further explore the great ones which already have foundations laid. That's what I really look forward to. When you think about it, do you really think that years from now you'll be looking back nostalgically on how good you were at school academically? I know I won't, which is why (and teachers hate me for this) my philosophy has always been to make the mostof the experience first, and the most of my academics secind.

Which is what landed me with an 81 average last year.

81. That sounds bad to a lot of my friends, seeing that the majority of them are much smarter than I, but the way I see it, I'm in the middle area. Sure, we've got a lot of brilliant(ish) kids at our school, but we also have some academic stinkers. Still, the middle is not at all satisfying, so naturally I'm driven to at least try to get up around an 86 this year, if not higher. Unfortunately, I've found last year that the harder I work, the less enjoyable my experience becomes, and the experience is much more valuable to me than the grades. I'm sure this'll come back to bite me in the ass come college counseling, but I'm going to have a ton of fun from now until May, then a hell of a lot more over the summer.

Time to make this year rock.


Friday, September 01, 2006

The Crapulator

See that? That's my new calculator. Or at least it is for now. It's also the result of one of my biggest dumbass moments of all time- Let me put it this way- Never put me and Ebay together. EVER.
So basically I was just browsing around Ebay, seeing if I could find a replacement to the calculator which I have apparently lost (I still have faith in finding it) when I ran across this little sucker. Now, to tell you the truth, I don't really remember what happened next- it happened too quickly. From what I do recall, without noting the small, small amount of time left for bidding, I placed a high bid just to see which other bidder's automatic rebid would outdo me in case I actually did decide to go for this prize in the future. Well, I won it. I bid, and it told me I won the item. For the first minute or so I was happy, heck, I just got a used calculator for under $40! Then I realized that, while the seller does have a good track record, he also put into action a no return policy, and suddenly that supposedly purely aesthetic black blotch (yep, that BIG one) was very suggestive of other not so ignorable flaws. That, and my parents will probably be pissed when they realize I used the Ebay account to buy a used calculator that looks like crap. Come to think of it, they don't even know mine's missing, seeing that I don't really think it is. In any case, maximum bidding 15 bucks over the current high bid was very, very dumb.
This event was followed by a period of panic, as I now have two calculators I must find/buy (yes, Josh, I haven't forgotten you) and a third which I don't even want anymore. Oh well, right now I'm trying to sell it to the second highest bidder in the original auction. Wish me luck.

Screw you, George Sullivan.