Wednesday, September 12, 2007



He's the best Dispatch guy of them all

I love Brad so fucking much




Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Am I the only one who finds it amusing that FOX is releasing a sitcom that laughs at incompetent anchors?


Shuffle kicks ass tonight.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Juneshman Year

I think everyone knows that this year is a little bit different than the past ones we've had. For everyone. A few of us went to college, a few of us became upperclassmen, and one of us even injured himself off the XC team and now must deal with my endless cripple jokes (Not that he actually reads this). In a nutshell, there's a good degree of "What the fuck?" ingrained into all of our perceptions of the '07-'08 school year at this point. I'm not just talking about new things for me, they don't scare me so much. But last year, I had an established friend group at the beginning of the year, and a handful of new people seemed to throw themselves into my life, and quickly became my friends. Basically, the higher power who governs high schools spoon-fed me a unique and enjoyable year and atmosphere when I hadn't even asked for it. Last year had new faces, new friends for the Klingon and plenty of drama what with new relationships and prospective relationships ( As much as I don't understand it, becoming the Frank just to end up playing hours of black shades in the comp lab was an experience I wouldn't do without if given the choice. Oh wait, I do understand; Now I'm Batman, motherfucker.)
Life used to have taste, it used to be something I touched and interacted with almost violently. But now, I feel disconnected. I feel as if winter has just fallen and I've begun to forget the senses I used to excercise on summer days. Don't be too flattered, matriculators, I miss you, but it's more than that.

But J_Verts put it well in describing my protege hunt: I'm being impatient. I suppose I have to give this year time to envelope me. With exposure comes feeling.

-OSK, Not actually unhappy but utilizing angst for good blogging material. What a whore.

Fuck you, iPod. The only reason this post is such a downer is because of you. Shuffle my balls.

Was that a double cookie?


Fuck. Quadruple. Fuck. This needs to end.

FIN, motherfucker.