Monday, February 08, 2010

An Initial Reaction to "Red Bull and Chocolate"

Ok, but wait, why?


Honestly just did this here because I couldn't figure out how to sign in for comments after so long.

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Juicy said...

If you don't understand Hotel Pools, OSK, you will never understand this.

Actually that has nothing to do with it I just wanted to bring that back. There are many reasons, no specific order:

1. Some of my blog posts I really wanted to make more sharable to other people, but didn't want to risk them getting ahold of the 50% emo crap that was good old MFA. I'd had that blog since I was 16, I'm now 20.

2. Our little nook of the blogosphere is clearly dead. While MFA was cultured as just one of three or four blogs (can't remember when gavrich started posting) it has essentially become the only one left, and was always the only one which blogged about a really wide variety of topics encompassing my entire life. I was also getting sick of the aesthetic, and ready for a change that reflected something more all-encompassing. (Though any in-joke posting I continue to make can be found in "The Blogosphere" tags. Very proud of my pretty tag bar, by the way...)

3. When I first named my blog, I was eating dried mango slices on a boat when it just kind of came to me: "Mango Flavored Addiction." About a week ago, I was snacking on Red Bull and Chocolate, and it just kind of came to me in the exact same way. That was the key catalyst.

Long story short- I did get sentimental and I might still get to missing MFA, but it was time to move on. It will always be there on the internet if you ever get to missing "the time when we all commented religiously" (*sigh*...)

Oh, and thanks for your point about the comments. Totally fixed that.